Investment and immigration in the EU

We offer comprehensive and dedicated legal assistance to entrepreneurs and individuals from non-EU countries on all immigration issues. Our immigration services provide you with targeted support and clarify your options. The advice covers in particular your professional opportunities in various EU countries, especially in Germany and Luxembourg. In doing so, we observe the relevant regulations that apply to third-country nationals for entry, stay and permanent residence. The final decision on your immigration application rests with each EU country.

We support you in all questions that may arise during the processing of your application. such as: visa, temporary or permanent residence, job search, company formation permanent residence, job search, company foundation, self-employment activities, investments of all kinds (also real estate acquisition) or research. Our consulting service is based on your specific needs. We clarify the EU immigration regulations applicable to your individual case. We will check which group of people you belong to and which requirements you have to fulfill in order to achieve your desired goal.

First, it is necessary to distinguish between different types of visas and required language skills according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). All data refer to the requirements according to the Residence Act, (as of January 2023). A specific language level is not required if you wish to apply for a visa to work as a professional. This also applies to the so-called blue card EU, visa for job search (academically qualified), visa for the establishment of self-employment, visa for research and visa for language learning.

In other cases, different language levels are assumed.

After clarifying the existing requirements for your individual case, we will submit the necessary applications to the competent authorities in the EU country of your choice on your behalf and accompany you until the final processing. Whether you want to invest in the EU, start your own business, study, work or just come as a family member, we provide comprehensive advice in the job, business or investment market.

We also provide comprehensive and qualified advice to companies as employers on all residence law issues of potential employees.

Our offer for employers

  1. Consultation regarding labor immigration and the skilled labor immigration law (FEG).
  2. Advice around the employment of international professionals.
  3. Support in the search for suitable employees.

Our offer for immigrants

  1. Assistance in preparing all necessary immigration documents.
  2. Assistance in applying for a visa.
  3. Assistance in applying for a residence permit and its renewal with different purposes of stay.
  4. Assistance with applicable fiction certification.
  5. Support until a permanent settlement permit is obtained.
  6. Support throughout the professional recognition process.
  7. Assist in the preparation of all necessary documents for employment.
  8. Support and advice on getting a job.
  9. Support and advice on starting a business.
  10. Support and advice in the exercise of freelance activity.
  11. Support and advice on the planned investments.

Our extensive network of national and international contacts as well as the necessary legal and economic know-how enable a smooth process and targeted handling for your desired implementation.

Contact us and let our team guide you.